Friday, March 9, 2012

RandoSteve from TetonAT killed in Avalanche

Just a couple days ago, Steve Romeo and Chris Onufer were buried in an avalanche on Ranger Peak in the Teton Mountains.  Steve, aka Randosteve, was the creator of TetonAT.  I have been following this blog almost daily for quite a while now, and just through reading his daily posts I almost feel as if he has become a friend, or at the very least an acquaintance.  In any case, I feel extremely saddened at Steve and Chris' deaths, especially for those loved ones left behind.  Steve and Chris have moved on to bigger mountains and deeper powder, the kind that never gets skied out, but my prayers will be with the family and friends that are left behind.  Thanks, Steve and Chris, for the knowledge and passion that you shared with us while you were still here!

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