Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jonathan Griffith's Video - Denali

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Jon Griffith's, http://www.alpineexposures.com/blogs/chamonix-conditions. His photography and videography is top-notch. Jon is often the photographer and videographer for Ueli Steck. One of my favorite videos, partially because I have a slight obsession with Denali (though I have never been there), is Jon's video of he and Will Sim climbing the West Buttress and setting the speed record on the Cassin Ridge. Speed records on the Cassin (or on any route, for that matter) are controversial because it is very much condition-dependent. For example, Colin Haley and Bjorn-Eivind Artun climbed it the year previous with the hope of breaking Mugs Stumps' record of 15 hours. They finished the route in 17 hours, running into deep snow for the last 3,000 feet or so. Either way, if you can climb the Cassin in a day, you're incredibly strong.

Another great video is of Joshua Lavigne and Raphael Slawinski climbing the Cassin in a day. I can't seem to figure out how to embed videos from vimeo, so here's the link to his video:


Joshua Lavigne's Blog:


Colin Haley's blog is also one of my favorites. Read about their Alaska 2010 trip climbing both the Cassin and a new route on Mt. Foraker, Dracula, here:


and last but not least, Raphael Slawinski's blog is always good. He is a great writer and I always enjoy reading his posts.


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