Friday, July 19, 2013

My Summer in a Nutshell and Upcoming Posts. . .

So, I have done a horrible job over the last 6 months or so keeping up on the blog.  The combination of a new business, a new baby, a new (old, but new to us) house we're remodeling a little bit, and wanting to spend all my free time with the family or in the mountains, I have all but forgotten about the blog.

Anyway, I wanted to briefly recap some of my summer events and mention a few posts that are coming down the pike.

So, I started out my spring and summer with the goal of running a 100 mile trail race in September and doing the Grand Traverse at the beginning of July.  This means that my free time has been spent doing local trail runs and bagging local peaks.  I have been averaging (up until a few weeks ago, anyway) about 60 miles and about 15-20k vert per week.  It's been fun to see the improvement in my cardio and ability to hike steep hills without getting winded or legs getting tired.  I hope that fitness translates on the skimo gear and with mountain boots on.

On the ridge just below Mt. Ogden

On Malan's Peak, on the way down from Mt. Ogden.

Looking north along the ridge toward Ben Lomond.

Heading back down from Ben Lomond looking south. 

A few weeks ago a friend of mine and I headed to the Tetons to try our hand at the Grand Traverse in a day.  Well, we didn't get the Grand Traverse done, but we did the Cathedral Traverse in a day and headed up the Middle Teton the next day before heading home.  It was a great trip and learning experience, but I am definitely eager to get back there and try to finish the traverse.  A longer post with pictures is in the works.

A couple days after the Tetons I took my wife and little boy backpacking, along with some other family, up a local peak to celebrate Independence Day and watch the fireworks from above.  Our little boy is quite the little outdoorsman.  He is happiest when he is sitting in his backpack hiking around and he sleeps better in a tent than he does at home.  It was a fun trip.  We're looking forward to some longer outings later this summer.

Kelsey, Lincoln, and I right before heading up Ben Lomond.  Lincoln sporting his Julbo glasses.  Thanks again Kristen for hooking him up!

Lincoln loving the mountains.  

A have had the opportunity to test out the Aarn Guiding Light backpack, a Stephenson Warmlite Triple Bag, the Marmot Speedri Jacket, and a few other pieces of gear over the last year or so.  Those reviews are in the works and will hopefully be posted soon.

I am going to try to post about one or two times per week.  Hopefully that's doable.