Saturday, April 14, 2012

How this blog works

Many of you may have noticed that I haven't given a bad review on any gear on my blog.  There's a reason for that.  I have some positive relationships with a lot of vendors in the outdoor industry, and I don't want to hurt any relationships by writing critically about the gear I don't like.  Therefore, I only review gear that I like.  I try to be as critical and honest as possible on the gear I do like, pointing out all features, both good and bad, and giving my honest overall opinion.

So far, every piece of gear that I have reviewed I have paid for or had given to me as a gift by family members (or in a couple cases borrowed for an extended period of time).  I am currently testing some gear that was given to me by vendors, but I won't let that sway my opinion one way or the other.  If I like the gear and use it often, I'll write about it.  If I try out new gear and, after a while, it stops going with me on trips because it's not as good as other gear I already have, I won't write about it.

If you, as the reader, ever want me to do reviews on a specific piece of gear, let me know and I'll try to get that gear (if I don't already have it) and review it.  If I use it and don't like it, I'll send you the review in a personal message.  If you want an opinion on some gear that you've seen me use but I haven't written a review on, please let me know.  Chances are, if I'm using it, I probably like it and just haven't gotten around to writing a review on it yet.  Your questions may influence me to write that review.  If I have been using it but don't like it, again I'll let you know my opinion in a personal message.

The one place in which I may give bad reviews is in comparisons.  If I compare lots of different sleeping bags, for example, I'll be honest in my appraisals of each piece.  You'll probably find that I'll rave on and on about the gear that I like, and not say much about the gear I don't.

On occasion I write an article (not a review) on gear that I haven't used yet.  These are usually me informing the public about new gear that I am excited about.  Please don't assume that if I'm writing about it, I've used it and think it's a great piece.  I'll try to make it as clear as possible in my post that I haven't used that piece of gear.

I started writing this blog for a few reasons.  I have been working in the outdoor industry for a long time and have been an avid climber, hiker, biker, backpacker, skier, etc. for the majority of my life.  I often get texts and calls from family and friends asking my opinion on certain gear before they make a purchase.  I enjoy researching and using new gear and sharing my opinions.  The second reason is that I have always appreciated reading good, informative gear reviews with lots of pictures.  I will try to include information in my reviews that I appreciate in other reviews.  My goal is to be a resource on outdoor clothing and equipment; not THE resource, but A resource.

Here's my disclaimer:  My opinion is just that, an opinion, and many others may not agree with what I say.  That's just fine and I would love to hear other people's comments, good or bad, about the things I write.  I love hearing others' opinions because, more often than not, I end up learning valuable lessons from them.  What works for me may not work for you.  I'll try to be thorough in explaining my opinions and reasoning for those opinions so that you can make a good judgement whether you agree or disagree.

Please feel free to share information from this blog.  If I can be helpful to you, the reader, in any way, let me know.

Thanks for reading the blog.  It is motivating to me to see that people are reading and commenting.

-Greg, Gear:30

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