Sunday, April 29, 2012

5th Annual Ogden Climbing Festival update

The 5th Annual Ogden Climbing Festival is winding down, with just one more event tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning there will be a boulder field clean up and trail maintenance.

There was a good turnout to yesterday's gear demo and today's boulder comp, bbq, climbing clinic, Peter Croft presentation, and after party at The Front climbing gym.  I took a lot of pictures, but I left my SD card in a camera that currently isn't in my possession, so I can't download any of the pictures.  They will be coming, probably on Monday.

We had a pretty good turnout at the Redpoint Boulder Comp, but not as many as in years past, unfortunately.  I guess some people don't love bouldering on our Quartzite.  We did have a few really strong climbers show up, however, with Shane Bryson taking first place in the Open category.  Eric Zschiesche came in second place.

I don't remember the results for the other categories, unfortunately, but I hope to get them in the next day or two so I can post them.

The climbing clinic with Peter Croft was a lot of fun.  We were able to ask questions and pick his brain about all things climbing.  I was lucky enough to talk to him for about 15 or 20 minutes after we had cleaned everything up and got some beta on the Evolution Traverse in the Sierras, a climb that has been on my "to do" list for quite a while now.  Peter was a super friendly guy and it was a real pleasure getting to know him a little bit.

Peter's presentation tonight was great.  He shared some amazing pictures and funny stories with us.  He told a story of climbing the Nose with Eric Zschiesche, and Ogden local.  A lot of people in Ogden know Eric for his eccentric, happy-go-lucky personality and friendliness, but I think it was a bit of an eye opener to learn that Ogden has a climbing legend in our midst (other than Jeff Lowe).  I often see Eric while out climbing and he is cranking as hard as ever.  He's climbed multiple 5.13s here in Ogden in recent months.  Super cool guy.  Anyway, it was a really fun night hearing all those stories

I hope to have some pictures of the events posted within the next day or two.

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