Friday, February 17, 2012

Gore-tex Active Shell

The following link is a review of Gore-tex Active Shell that I read today.  It is very similar to what I have read and understand about Active Shell.  In essence, great in the lab, not as great in the real world.  Working hard in this jacket still leads to plenty of clamminess.  Not as breathable as Neoshell, more breathable than paclite.  Lighter than neoshell and as light as paclite.  Probably not great for multiple days of continued rain, probably great for shorter, fast and light pushes. 

I have yet to use active shell, but I am excited to do so.  Either I or my buddy Phil have used Neoshell, Dry Q, Event, Proshell, and many others.  Active shell is about the only one we haven't used.  Until then, here is the opinion of  an avid backpacker from the UK, where it rains a lot.  I have read some other reviews from terrybnd and this guy is fairly knowledgeable.  This is worth reading (at least the first half).  The second half mostly repeats the first half.

Anyway, check it out. 

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