Monday, February 27, 2012

Biking in southern Utah, new route in Patagonia, and more reviews to come

I apologize for not posting for a few days.  Over the weekend I went to St. George with my wife for the Zion Century bike ride.  I haven't biked much since the Lotoja in September, and it showed.  It was a tough ride, but the weather was great and it was just fun to be outside on the bike again.  Now that I'm back up north and the temps are slightly cooler, I'm excited to check out the ice tomorrow morning.

Here is a short but cool article from Alpinist Newswire on a new route put up by the Russians on Aguja Poincenot, next to Fitz Roy.  The route, called Via Russo ( 6b (ABO), A4, M4, 1600m), or Russian Way, took eight days to climb.  The article is short but worth reading.

Aguja Poincenot, Fitz Roy Massif, Patagonia

Fitz Roy Massif.  Fitz Roy is the tallest, Aguja Poincenot is the most prominent peak left of Fitz Roy.
Photos retrieved from  Also, cool trip report at this site if you read Spanish.

There are more gear reviews coming, but they will be sporadic for the next few weeks because school is doing a very efficient job at filling my time.

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