Friday, October 25, 2013

Bear 100 Interview

I've been meaning to post my race report from the Bear 100 Endurance Race to the blog, but I got half way done with it and haven't found the time to finish it off.  I did a little interview for a GEAR:30 Radio Podcast which, for the most part, covers my experience.  I still plan to finish and post my race report, but until then, here is a link to the interview:

When you go to the link, the podcast that is on the page is called "The Swap" and is not my interview.  It's supposed to be but there's something funky going on there. You have to click the lines in the upper righthand corner and then click on "Greg Reynolds-Bear 100 Interview".

For more information about the Bear 100, here is a link to the race website:

Also, for some other race reports about the same race (from people much faster than I am), check out these links:

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